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Clinical trial looking to enrol children and young people

University of Oxford study measuring antibody levels in children age 0-19 across the UK

What’s the Story is a University of Oxford study seeking children and young people aged 0-19 for a blood test to better understand the prevalence of Covid-19:

  • As an Urgent Public Health Covid-19 study, travelling to participate in this study is permitted in all Tiers during lockdown
  • Recruitment at multiple sites across the country
  • Looking at Covid-19 antibody levels in ages 0-19 to compare with the adult population
  • The study is particularly interested in the BAME population for this age group
  • Single visit with a blood collection and a questionnaire
  • Optional follow-up visits with blood and saliva collection

All participants will receive a £20 voucher for their clinic visit as a token of appreciation from the study team

Information (Protocol and Information sheets) at study website:

Information is also available in Punjabi, Urdu, French, Portuguese, Spanish, Nepalese, Arabic ,Bengali, Somali and Farsi

Contact email: (Oxford team)