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Covid-19 Primary Care Resources

How should we approach common childhood illnesses in the context of Covid-19?

Advice from a Paediatric infectious diseases consultant

This information is sourced from Dr Alicia Demirjian, Paediatric infectious diseases consultant and epidemiologist

Q.    Given that children with Covid-19 tend to present with a different profile of symptoms to adults, do you think that GPs should recommend testing for children who don’t meet PHE criteria  (e.g. children with runny noses/diarrhoea)?


  • PHE has considered this and at this time does not recommend testing individuals whose case does not fit the definition
  •  While no case definition is perfect, this will help reduce indiscriminate testing and the unnecessary use of resources
  • Of course as more evidence is gathered, case definitions will be reviewed and updated as needed

Q.    If children present with a febrile illness with an obvious non-Covid 19 source (e.g tonsillitis, UTI etc) do you think they still still need testing for Covid and isolation for family contacts?


  • It is important for individuals with symptoms of Covid to be tested to help prevent the spread of the illness, as they could have SARS-CoV-2 infection in addition to other illnesses such as tonsillitis and UTI

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