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Covid-19 Primary Care Resources

Covid Cab Service

Transport for patients with Covid symptoms to and from medical appointments in London

This information is sourced from Covid Crisis Rescue (CCR):

CCR is a non profit service organised and run by volunteers

In collaboration with Simcha Cars CCR transports patients with Covid symptoms to their GP or hospital for assessment using the following infection control measures:

  • Cabs have screens between passenger and driver
  • Driver and passenger must wear masks at all times
  • Plastic disposable sheeting in the vehicle where the passenger sits
  • All car windows will be wide open during the journey
  • Payment is by credit card over the phone or invoice (payment is for running costs only)

Please also note:

  • In case of passenger appearing unwell during the journey the driver will call 111/999
  • Those passengers travelling to A&E or GPs for assessment who cannot cover the cost of the journey will be assisted

Telephone: 020 8802 1515


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