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Should we consider giving anticoagulation to patients with increased thrombotic risk who have Covid-19?

Advice from a Consultant in Infectious Diseases

This information is sourced from Dr Sarah Logan, Consultant in Infectious Diseases and General Medicine

Q.      Should we consider short courses of heparin in patients with increased thrombosis risk (eg previous DVT) if they become unwell with Covid-19?


  • We do not have the results of a randomised controlled trial to inform this in primary care
  • We know that patients with Covid-19 are at increased risk of large and small vessel thrombosis
  • But we do not yet know whether the group that do not require hospital admission would benefit from a short course of LMWH
  • I would suggest that if there is clinical concern to refer in for assessment. If their D-dimer is raised there may well be a case for further imaging depending on the clinical scenario