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Covid 19 vaccination and drug interactions

Vaccinating patients on specific drug treatments

This information is sourced from The PHE Greenbook and SPS:

There are very few people who cannot receive vaccination.

Individuals on immunosuppressive treatment may not make a full response to vaccination.  At present, there is no evidence base on response or timing of delivery in this group.

Patients about to receive planned immunosuppressive therapy should receive vaccination ideally 2 weeks prior to commencing treatment.  Where possible, the second dose of vaccination should be offered at the minimum interval possible.

Specialists may advise these patients further based on their knowledge of the treatment.

The NHS Specialist Pharmacy Service have produced a detailed summary of advice for patients on, or about to receive immunosuppressant medicines.

Scheduling of any other vaccines should be separated by an interval of at least 3 days to avoid inappropriate attribution of adverse events.  Data from other vaccines indicate co administration may result in a slightly attenuated response to one of the vaccines.  There are no safety concerns.

See also anticoagulation

Written by Dr Claire Davies