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Government contract documents confirm rises to global sum and QOF

Government contract documents confirm rises to global sum and QOF

The global sum will increase to £102.28 unweighted per registered patient from £99.70, an increase of 2.59%, contract documents have revealed.

Under the imposed 2023/24 GP contract for England, the value of a QOF point will also go up to £213.43 from £207.56 in 2022/23, an increase of 2.83%.

NHS England has imposed the contract this month with a focus on access, and the imposition has led to talk of potential industrial action, with GPC England convening a special meeting on 27 April to discuss next steps.

The contract papers for the Network DES were released earlier this week, and the details around the GMS contract were published by the Department of Health and Social Care at around 3pm this afternoon.

Reducing the risk of GP and practice staff burnout, as well as shoring up resilience and wellbeing, will form part of QOF activity for practices from April.

Meanwhile, GPC officials confirmed earlier this week that the new contractual ban on asking patients to call back at a different time will not mean having to offer them an appointment on first contact.

They also said that the new contract does not stipulate that GPs must agree death certificates with a medical examiner, updated GPs on potential options for industrial action and advised them to stick to ‘safe working guidance’ in order to prioritise patients and ‘avoid burnout’.