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Patients with psoriasis twice as likely to have ED

By Lilian Anekwe

Erectile dysfunction appears to be common in patients with psoriasis, according to a UK study.

222 patients with psoriasis or other dermatological disorders, with an average age of 65.5 years and all sexually active, completed the Dermatology Life Quality Index and the International Index of Erectile Function.

Researchers found 57.6% of the psoriasis patients had mild to severe ED compared with 49.2% of those without psoriasis. This difference meant that, after accounting for age, patients with psoriasis were twice as likely to have ED as patients without psoriasis.

The researchers also found that simply asking the men about their satisfaction with their sexual function was not sensitive enough to detect ED – and urged GPs to ask more detailed questions.

The researchers recommended GPs assess sexual function in psoriasis patients, as it may signal cardiovascular disease.

Study leader Dr Jon Goulding, specialist registrar in dermatology at the University Hospital Coventry, concluded: ‘An assessment of sexual function should be part of the routine holistic care provided for dermatology outpatients and highlight the need to screen for cardiovascular risk factors in those with documented ED.'

British Journal of Dermatology, published online 28 September 2010

Erectile dysfunction is common in men with psoriasis


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