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Black rice bran, bariatric surgery and the baby ‘cuddled back to life’

By Neha Pathak

Our roundup of health news headlines on Friday 27 August.

The search for a superfood is over - and it seems ancient Eastern wisdom held the secret all along, with the Daily Telegraph reporting 'The new superfood - 'forbidden' black rice'. American researchers have suggested that a spoonful of black rice bran, reserved only for the most noble of men in Ancient China, has more antioxidants AND less sugar AND more fibre than a spoonful of blueberries. Finally, a healthy luxury!

The DailyMmail goes on to argue the case for cinnamon (I knew those cinnamon whirls were worth it!) asking 'Can cinnamon help heart disease and diabetes?' An American study suggesting that it cuts the chances of getting diabetes and heart disease by up to 23%. Only catch is, the study used cinnamon water - somehow I'm guessing this isn't quite as appetising as my cinnamon whirl.

The Guardian's front page reads: 'NHS sees ninefold rise in patients turning to surgery for obesity'. In the last year, the NHS performed 4,246 weight-loss operations, compared to 480 in 2003-04. Will this help shift Britain from its high ranking in the WHO's Top 10 Most Obese Countries?

Finally, a good news story from Australia celebrating the healing power of motherhood. Doctors gave up hope but a lifeless baby was 'cuddled back to life' by her mother, reads a breathless Daily Mail.

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