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#GPnews: Obesity experts quit over report advocating fat consumption

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15:20 Two prominent personal in the anti-obesity campaign have resigned due to a controversial report advocating that ‘disastrous health consequences’ come from advising people to lower their cholesterol and follow low-fat diets.

A National Obesity Forum spokesman confirmed resignations of Dr Matt Capehorn, NOF’s clinical director and consultant obstetrician and gynaecologist Sangeeta Agnihotri and ‘expects’ at least one more resignation to follow.

This was after the forum published the report ‘Eat fat, cut the carbs and avoid snacking to reverse obesity and type 2 diabetes’.

14:40 Sandwell and West Birmingham NHS Trust is getting rid of 450 jobs to save £30m, reports the BBC.

The trust said 250 permanent staff and 200 temporary roles have to go in order to ‘deliver safe care within a budget’.

The trust, which employs 7,500 people and runs two hospitals in Birmingham and the West Midlands, is currently building a new ‘super-hospital’ that will open in 2018.

But trade union Unite said in a statement that it ‘deplores’ the move, which is ‘yet another depressing example of this government’s underfunding of the NHS’.

12:05 The Royal College of Physicians has come out against an exit from the EU, following a consultation exercise with its members. 

It concluded: ’Membership of the European Union has had a significant positive impact on public health and patient care in the UK through the setting of high standards in areas such as pharmaceuticals and medical devices, tobacco control, clean air and food safety.

’EU training and mobility rules mean that doctors and other health professionals who qualify in other member states play an essential and growing role in filling NHS workforce gaps. Significant European funding and scientific support is vital for UK medical research.’

11:00 You know it’s a slow news day when the most read story of the day on the BBC website is a man whose passport made him look like Hitler.

Never fear, Pulse has you covered. We have an opinion piece from Dr Maureen Baker, chair of the , who explains what the college ‘ambassadors’ will be expected to do regarding the GP Forward View.

They will be ensuring that the is implemented in a way that benefits general practice.

She says: ’There is still a great deal of detail to be decided in terms of how the will be implemented, particularly at a local level, and we believe there must be a strong local voice for general practice in these discussions.’

9:30 The top health news story around at the moment is that the Northern Ireland executive has removed the ban on gay men giving blood, following in the footsteps of the other three UK nations, the Belfast Telegraph reports.

It was the first move by the new health minister, Michelle O’Neill.

It allows gay men who have not had sex with another man for a year or more to make blood donations.

The new policy will come into effect on September 1 to allow time for the Northern Ireland Blood Transfusion Service to prepare for the change.

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