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‘Shocking’ NHS ‘fat cat’ earnings, schools’ mental health services crunch and eating only home-made meals is key to staying healthy

A Daily Mail investigation has uncovered ‘shocking’ public sector ‘fat cat’ pay packets that the paper says will ‘make your blood boil’.

This included a top-earning hospital boss on £1.2m and an NHS official on £850,000, who the Mail says still put a £1.40 bus ticket on expenses.

Schools are turning to the emergency services to get support for pupils with mental health problems because cuts to services have made it impossible to access mental health and special needs support, the BBC reports.

Some schools are being asked to pay for services that should be available through the NHS or social services, according to the Association of School and College Leaders, the headteacher’s union.

The Government claims to have ring-fenced the £1.4bn budget for children’s mental health but ASCL members said delays meant ’schools and colleges are sometimes forced to either call the police or to send the child or young person to A&E’.

Ditching the car and having only home-made meals is the key to staying fit and healthy, says The Telegraph.

One scientific study found people who regularly ate home-made lunches or dinners had a reduced risk of type-2 diabetes, while another that found people who using public transport every day instead of the car had lower risks of diabetes, hypertension and being overweight.

A third study found people who lived near shops so they could walk to them instead of drive were half as likely to have high blood pressure. In response, researchers called for policy-makers to strive to make urban areas more pedestrian friendly.


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