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Skirt size to measure breast cancer risk, Ebola risks causing political meltdown and sushi parasites eating men

Women who have to buy a bigger size skirt every ten years may have a third higher risk of developing breast cancer, the Independent reports. University College London showed long-term weight gain around the waist was the largest risk factor.

Meanwhile other news outlets focus on the Ebola epidemic gripping West Africa. According to think-tank The International Crisis Group, the spread of the disease is now at risk of plunging the worst-affected countries into political collapse, writes the BBC.

That eating fish is good for you is an often repeated fact, however one Chinese man’s love of sushi – the sashimi (raw fish) variety in particular – left his entire body infested with tapeworm, the Daily Mail reports along with some graphic x-rays. Scientists said the incidence of parasites in human may have increased with the rising popularity of sushi. The condition is life threatening if the parasites enter the brain, the paper reports.


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