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A hospital financial crisis, expensive eating disorders and UKIP wants to fight dementia

Monitor’s latest report into the financial health of the NHS Foundation Trusts has warned more than half will fail to balance their books this year, with an overall deficit of over £300m.

The BBC reports that there has been a steady growth in the overall deficit, from £167m three months ago to £321 million in this last quarter.

Eating disorders are costing the NHS more than £15bn a year, reports the Independent. This comes as an analysis of support services showed that the health of some 600,000 patients is put put at risk because of a lack of local services.

Lastly, UKIP is taking on the fight against dementia by pledging £130m a year, more than twice the amount the Tories have pledged on its flagship policy. Trailing a speech to be made by UKIP health spokesperson Louise Bours MEP, the Guardian said she will also call for the CQC to be abolished.


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