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Britons gain four years of life, older carers work 50-hour weeks and the benefits of eating an apple before a supermarket shop

The estimated life span of Brits will increase by four years by 2030, the Telegraph reports, while men are catching up on women for longevity.

An Imperial College London study predicts that life expectancy in the UK will rise from 79.5 years to 85.7 for males born in 2030, and for women from 83.3 to 87.6.

More older carers are risking their own health by looking after loved ones, writes the BBC.

Census data showed old people were giving care to the value of £15bn in 2011 with one in three older carers providing the service for 50 hours a week, with many citing issues with anxiety and depression, Age UK warned.

The Daily Mail has a trick if you struggle with sugar cravings in the super market. If you ‘can’t stay away from the chocolate aisle’ the key is to munch on an apple before entering the store, researchers said. People who ate fruit before shopping were also more likely to buy fruit and vegetables, their study showed.


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