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Obesity ‘will bankrupt NHS’, prostate cancer treatment concerns and the migraine link with Parkinson’s

NHS England chief Simon Stevens is all over the health news sections this morning after claiming the problem of obesity could ‘bankrupt the NHS’.

According to the Guardian, Stevens told the annual Public Health England conference that obesity is ‘the new smoking’ and the ‘wealth of millions of children, the sustainability of the NHS and the economic prosperity of Britain all now depend on a radical upgrade in prevention and public health’.

In other news, there are concerns from scientists that some prostate cancer treatments could make the disease worse, the Independent reports.

Apparently glucocorticoids that initially help control the disease can end up causing mutations that drive tumour growth.

And the Telegraph has news from a 25-year study that people who suffer migraines are more than twice as likely as others to develop Parkinson’s disease.

Lead author Dr Ann Scher, from the Uniformed Services University in Bethesda, Maryland, said more research was needed to establish reasons for the connection, the paper says.

She commented: ‘While the history of migraine is associated with an increased risk for Parkinson’s, that risk is still quite low.’