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Scottish GPs hit swine flu vaccination targets

By Gareth Iacobucci

Thousands of GPs in Scotland are set to qualify for relaxed patient experience QOF thresholds after achieving an average 53.2% uptake for swine flu vaccination at-risk patients under-65, exceeding the Government's target of 50.7%.

The situation is in stark contrast to England, where the majority of GPs are expected to have fallen short of achieving the same target - and are therefore set to miss out on having their access targets eased.

Speaking at the annual Scottish LMCs conference last week, GP leaders passed a series of motions praising GPs' response to the swine flu crisis, including one deploring ‘inadequate funding for the administration of the H1N1 vaccination programme'.

‘General practice stepped up to the plate,' said Dr Gillian Arbuckle, from Borders LMC.

Dr Dean Marshall, chair of GPC Scotland, said: ‘Things went pretty well in Scotland'.

But he said he was alarmed at anecdotal reports from GPs of midwives dissuading pregnant mothers from accepting vaccination against the disease.

‘Nurses and midwives need to look at how they responded to this,' he said.

GPC negotiator and swine flu-lead Dr Peter Holden said the process had not been helped by confusion that had arisen from GPs being offered uncoordinated guidance from different agencies. ‘The HPA were faster off the mark than DH were,' he said.

GPs in Scotland have achieved an average uptake among priority groups of 53.2% GPs in Scotland have achieved an average uptake among priority groups of 53.2%


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