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NHS England cracks down on practices ‘influencing’ patients’ choice of pharmacy

NHS England is asking that all GP practices ‘prominently’ display a poster informing patients of their right to choose their dispensing pharmacy.

A letter from NHS England head of primary care Dr David Geddes said that NHS England was ‘concerned’ that practices are ’seeking to influence inappropriately which pharmacy dispenses a patient’s medicines’.

It added that it takes ‘very seriously any attempt to undermine’ patients’ NHS constitutional ’right to choose freely which pharmacy dispenses their prescriptions’.

NHS England has created posters for GP practices and for dispensing practices which say: ’You have the right to collect medicines that have been prescribed for you from any pharmacy you choose.

’Your choice should not be influenced by letters you receive in the post, or by any doctor or pharmacist.

’Please contact NHS England if someone is trying to influence your decision on which pharmacy you would like to use.’

Dr Geddes wrote: ’We will take action against individuals and contractors to protect patient’s rights. In order to ensure patients are fully informed of their choice we are asking all general practices and pharmacies to display the enclosed poster prominently, as close as practicable to the location where patients receive prescriptions.’



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