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Dementia patients faring badly in hospitals, could pensions pay for social care and live reporting from a GP practice

Dementia patients are being ‘betrayed’ by the country’s hospital system, reports the Daily Mail.

A survey of sufferers and their families found they think just 2% of hospital staff understand the needs of dementia patients.

Alzheimer’s Society chief executive Jeremy Hughes said their were ‘devastating and life changing consequences’ and dementia patients were ‘gambling’ each time they were admitted.

On the topic of older people, NHS chief executive Simon Stevens has called for a new ‘political consensus’ for the care of elderly people in an interview with the Guardian.

He fears that unless some money spent on state pensions is diverted to pay for social care, hospitals will struggle to cope.

Mr Stevens said it may be ’easier for families to flexibly fund social care by drawing down resources tied up in housing, pension pots, and other benefits and entitlements’.

The paper is also taking an interest in GP services today, with live reporting from a group of GP practices near York and a stream of general practice statistics.

So far, the Guardian livestream has reported that the average patient makes six GP visits per year.


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