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Dementia sufferer’s police ordeal, blood test needle stabbing and is that a real food allergy you’ve got?

Elderly patients in care homes are getting ‘locked up in police cells’ when staff can’t cope with them amidst a ‘care crisis’, the Daily Mail warns on today’s front page. In what is described as the ‘OAPs’ custody ordeal’, the paper reports on a 90-year-old dementia sufferer who was taken into custody by police after carers called 999 amid a row.

The Sun also leads on a health story of sorts, as its splash blares out the news of a Premier League footballer’s son having ‘stabbed’ 15 kids with a blood sugar finger prick testing needle at his private school, causing an HIV alert.

Meanwhile over on the Mirror, a male teenager found out he had testicular cancer after taking a positive pregnancy test. Not at strange as it first sounds, when we learn that the cancer creates similar hormones to those in pregnant women.

The Telegraph’s health section provides a quiz to determine once and for all whether you have a food allergy or a food intolerance, the latter being far more common. The ‘myth buster’ test is taken from NHS Choices.


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