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Doctors crack MRSA code, ‘shameful’ standards of schizophrenia care revealed and does your brain need a drink to relax?

Doctors at a hospital in Cambridge have cracked MRSA’s genetic code says the BBC.

They were able to contain an outbreak of the illness after the bacterium was detected during routine tests of 12 babies at Rosie Hospital and experts from Cambridge University and the Sanger Institute carried out a sophisticated version of a paternity test to track down the source of the bug which they were able to treat. They hope the tests will become standard practice in hospitals allowing them to track and stop an infection.

The care failings revealed in the Schizophrenia Commission’s report into provision for people with schizophrenia and psychosis have been widely reported.

The Guardian reports that the commission has been criticised after ‘shameful’ standards of care on some mental health wards and is calling for a major overhaul of services which can make patients worse.

Relaxing with a drink to cope with stress could lead to future health problems says the Daily Telegraph.

It reports on a study by researchers at Duke University in Carolina, America, which found that people who drink in order to relax end up drinking more as their brains are wired in a certain way. The study said that the pattern of stress-related drinking only happened in people with a particular brain combination.



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