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In full: Results of Pulse’s survey on mental health services


Do you have confidence that your local community mental health teams are able to cope with their case load?

Yes 10%

No 82%

Don’t know 8%


Over the past 12 months, have community mental health services in your area:

Greatly improved 0%

Improved 11%

Stayed about the same 43%

Become much worse 9%

Other 3%


Have you had a patient come to harm due to delays or lack of response from community mental health or crisis services?

Yes 18%

No 50%

Don’t know 32%


How often do you find you are managing patients with mental health issues outside of your competence?

Never 1%

Hardly ever 17%

Sometimes 57%

Often 22%

All the time 3%


How often are you forced to prescribe because the local IAPT service is not able to help a patient?

Never 4%

Hardly ever 12%

Sometimes 34%

Often 39%

All the time 11%


About the survey: Pulse launched this survey of readers on 29 June 2014, collating responses using the SurveyMonkey tool. The 29 questions asked covered a wide range of GP topics, to avoid selection bias on any one issue. The survey was advertised to readers via our website and email newsletters, with a prize draw for a Samsung HD TV as an incentive to complete the survey. As part of the survey, respondents were asked to specify their job title. A small number of non-GPs were screened out to analyse the results for this question. These questions were answered by 476 GPs.