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It’s ok to eat fat, freezing eggs ‘could harm birth chance’ and hospitals ‘make dementia patients confused’

Now it’s ok to eat fat, declares the Daily Express front page, as research shows natural fats in butter and milk are good for you – whereas ‘low fat versions could kill you’.

In what the paper describes as an astonishing U-turn in dietary advice, it turns out saturated fats are ok – but trans fats in processed foods can be killers, as eating large amounts ‘increases the risk of death by 30%’.

The Telegraph warns women who choose to freeze their eggs to delay motherhood could be ‘harming their birth chances’.

Although women are apparently doing this because ‘younger eggs’ are more healthy, a new study has shown that the crypreservation process could damage the eggs and so reduce the chance of having a baby.

Lastly, The Times reports that people with dementia may become more distressed and confused when they are supposed to be receiving treatment, as some hospitals fail to create secure environments, according to research.

Researchers assessed hospitals’ performance on things like flooring, decor, signs, the availability of food and appropriate seating – and found they were scoring much lower on these measures than they did in other areas such as cleanliness and patient dignity.

A Department of Health spokesperson said: ‘Hospitals can be confusing places for people with dementia, that’s why we’ve asked the NHS to listen to patients and their families about how buildings can be made more dementia-friendly. Using the right signage and colours on the floors and walls can help people with dementia to feel safer. These scores show the NHS has made a good start.’