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Hunt gets into a flap over chicken hygiene, single women should be refused IVF, and TV wind-down leads to guilt and anxiety

Jeremy Hunt has got his hands dirty in the row over food hygiene calling for an urgent investigation into standards after the Guardian revealed regulations were being dangerously flouted in chicken processing factories.

An undercover report identified chicken processing factories flouting regulations which could lead to the meat being rapidly contaminated with Campylobacter bacteria.

The Food Standards Authority had promised an investigation of the factories involved, but dispatched inspectors immediately after the health secretary waded into the issue.

The Telegraph reports that single women and same sex couples should be refused IVF and encouraged to adopt in a bid to drive down rates of population growth according to a paper in the Journal of Medical Ethics.

The authors argue that environmental and societal impact of human preproduction should be considered, as with other industries, and fertility treatment should only be allowed for the medically infertile in order to reduce the medical industry’s ‘bloated carbon footprint’.

And some advice for GPs hoping to unwind after battling through the ever-extending working day:  don’t go home and relax in front of the telly, because new research reveals this just leads to guilt and anxiety in fatigued workers.

The study of 471 participants in the Journal of Communication found that people who returned from work with high levels of stress reported that watching TV made them feel they were procrastinating to avoid more important tasks.


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