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Nearly 600 general practice staff sign up for Covid mental health session

A psychological wellbeing service set up by NHS England in light of the Covid-19 pandemic. and available to everyone working in primary care has seen 570 bookings so far.

NHS England, which set up the support service on 24 April, said it had carried out 190 coaching sessions by the beginning of this week (11 May).

The #LookingAfterYouToo individual coaching support is available to everyone in a frontline primary care role, including non-clinical roles and those who work on a contract basis.

NHS England set up the service to ‘ensure all staff delivering frontline primary care services feel supported to maintain their psychological wellbeing during this time, enabling them to maintain the delivery of frontline primary care’.

GPs and staff who book into the service receive one or more one-to-one coaching session with ‘a highly skilled and experienced coach’, during which they can ‘offload the demands of whatever you are experiencing and be supported in developing practical strategies for dealing with this’.

NHS England said the feedback for the service has been ‘overwhelmingly positive, with almost all respondents saying that they had felt listened to and that the session had enabled them to move forward’.

NHS England has also launched a survey to understand the current wellbeing of the primary care workforce during the pandemic.

Primary care workers can register their interest in the coaching support service here

And take part in NHS England’s wellbeing survey here



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