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One in five GP training places unfilled (which Pulse told you weeks ago), decrease in stillbirths and music alleviates pain of surgery

The Daily Mail today leads with the story ­that a fifth of training places have been filled – which, as a Pulse reader, you would have known about six weeks ago (with extra details a couple of weeks later).

Health Education England has now confirmed the figures and the BMA has said that it will jeopardise the whole move towards seven-day working.

Dr Chaand Nagpaul, chair of the GPC, said: ‘With medical graduates turning their backs on general practice, there is no sign that the Government will be able to fulfil its pledge to recruit 5,000 GPs and open all surgeries seven days a week.’

Elsewhere, the Guardian among others reports that there was an 8% decrease in stillbirths since the indoor smoking ban was introduced.

Edinburgh University researchers studied data from more than 10 million births in England between 1995 and 2011.

They found that almost 1,500 stillbirths and newborn deaths were averted in the first four years after the smoking in public places was banned in July 2007

Meanwhile, the BBC reports that listening to music before, during and after surgery alleviates pain.

Writing in the Lancet, researchers from the Queen Mary University of London said patients who had listened to music had been less anxious after their surgery and had needed less pain relief – even when under general anaesthetic.


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