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One in three has ‘borderline’ diabetes, life-saving tomato pills and blue eyes to tolerate pain

One in three adults in England has ‘borderline’ diabetes, warns the Telegraph, after an ‘extremely rapid rise’ in the condition in recent years.

The authors wrote: ‘This rapid rise in such a short period of time is particularly disturbing because it suggests that large changes on a population level can occur in a relatively short period of time.’

A tomato pill to save your life? Scientists have proved that constricted blood vessels, a risk factor for heart disease, are widened by a prescription-free food supplement containing an antioxidant found in tomatoes. The good news story is is picked up by several newspapers and even makes the front-page splash of the Daily Express.

Aterenon, which includes concentrated version of an antioxidant called Lycopene, apparently reproduces some of the effects of keeping a Mediterranean diet, a proven method to boost heart health. Alternatively, according to the Telegraph you could just ‘have ketchup with everything’.

Could your eye colour affect your health? According to a study, Caucasian women with blue or green eyes tolerate pain and distress better than those with brown or hazel eyes. However, apparently dark-eyed people are better at tennis.


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