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Over-use of painkillers linked to one million headaches, 11 hospitals have ‘serious financial problems’, and parents urged to ‘ditch the dummies’

Plenty of coverage this morning for NICE's new guidance on headaches, covered today by Pulse.

Among those covering the guidance are the Daily Mail, which reports that ‘hundreds of thousands of people are suffering from ‘disabling' headaches caused by overuse of painkillers', and the Guardian who say that ‘more than one million people in Britain may be suffering from constant, crippling headaches because they are taking too many painkillers'.

There's bleak fiscal news for some hospitals today, with the Guardian reporting that eleven NHS foundation trusts have serious financial problems. 

Elsewhere, the Telegraph reports on a warning from the charity Pancreatic Cancer UK that a shortfall in funding to research the disease has led to survival rates remaining largely unchanged in 40 years.

In the Indie, we read that leading pharma companies are downgrading the search for new treatments for Alzheimer's disease after the failure of a series of high-profile drugs trials. 

And parents everywhere have been urged to ‘ditch the dummies' after a new study, covered by the Mail, suggested that using pacifiers 'could stunt emotional development' of children.


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