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Almost one-third of adults have tried e-cigarettes

Nearly a third of adult smokers have tried an e-cigarette, also known as a vapouriser, official statistics have revealed.

Figures from the Health and Social Care Information Centre (HSCIC) showed that 3% of all adults reported they were currently using e-cigarettes, while around 6% of former smokers and 1% of non-smokers had used the products.

The figures also revealed that about one in four men (24%) and one in six women (17%) reported they were current smokers.

From 2016, e-cigarettes will be regulated as medicinal products, as covered in the EU Tobacco Products Directive passed in February 2014.

The Health Survey for England report said: ‘While some claim that e-cigarettes can be a useful adjunct to cutting down, others suggest that the co-use of e-cigarettes with tobacco cigarettes may reinforce the smoking habit by helping smokers when they are unable to smoke or may discourage cessation attempts.’

HSCIC chair Kingsley Manning said: ‘For the first time we have been able to look at the use of e-cigarettes within our report, as well as looking at topics such as eye care, end of life care and social care.’



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