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Cannabis-smoking boys are shorter, a binge-drinking doctors experiment and mental health patients discharged too soon

A new study has suggested that boys who smoke cannabis before puberty could be stunting their growth.

The Telegraph reports that scientists at the Pir Mehr Ali Shah Agriculture University Rawalpindi in Pakistan found that young people who are addicted to cannabis are over ‘four inches’ shorter on average than their non-smoking peers.

The study also found differences in weight, with non-smoking boys on average four kilos heavier by the age of 20 than the cannabis smokers.

The Daily Mail reveals that identical twin doctors are taking part in a Horizon documentary about alcohol, aimed at discovering whether it is healthier to binge drink or to drink a small amount each day.

Both doctors drink 21 units a week but one GP spreads them out over the week for a month while the other drinks them all in one binge session once a week for a month.

According to the BBC, Healthcare England is warning that some patients needing psychiatric care are being discharged too early from hospital due to pressure to free up mental health beds.

The data, from 32 mental health trusts, reveals that psychiatric patients now spend six fewer days in hospital than in 2012-2013.


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