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MPs to investigate safety of e-cigarettes

MPs are launching an investigation into the safety of e-cigarettes and if they could ‘re-normalise’ smoking for young smokers.

The House of Commons science and technology committee is calling for evidence into the devices, which are used by nearly three million people in the UK.

The committee will look at the health impacts on their devices, their effect on NHS funds and regulation.

Committee chair Norman Lamb said: ‘There are still significant gaps in the research guiding their regulation and sale. They are seen by some as valuable tools that will reduce the number of people smoking “conventional” cigarettes, and seen by others as “re-normalising” smoking for the younger generation.

‘We want to understand where the gaps are in the evidence base, the impact of the regulations, and the implications of this growing industry on NHS costs and the UK’s public finances.’

The move follows an announcement by NICE earlier this month that it backs including e-cigarette use in smoking cessation guidance.


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