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Patients split on once-daily asthma inhaler regimen

The study

The retrospective study looked at the preferences of 3,731 patients with asthma and 2,138 patients with COPD and matched information in their electronic records with their preferences for a once-a-day inhaler therapy to control their disease.

The findings

The UK researchers found that half of all patients in each cohort indicated they would prefer a once a day therapy, one-quarter were unsure, and one quarter did not prefer a once-a-day inhaler. Patients with poor adherence and higher concerns about their medication were more likely to prefer a once-a-day controller therapy for their condition.

What does it mean for GPs?

The researchers concluded that the mixed results showed that patient preference should determine what inhaler patients are given: ‘Decisions about therapy should be made in consultation with patients and tailored to their individual needs and preferences.’ The study was sponsored by GSK.

Prim Care Resp J 2013, online 4 March


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