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An apple a day keeps strokes away, who drinks the most and how NHS England rehires 17% of staff

If everyone over 50 had just one apple a day, 8,500 stroke deaths a year could be avoided in the UK, reports the BBC this morning. Researchers said: ‘The Victorians had it about right when they came up with their brilliantly clear and simple public health advice, ‘An apple a day keeps the doctor away.’

The Daily Mail reports on a new Office for National Statistics report on UK drinking habits, which revealed that women over 65 may be the big drinkers in the country.

Meanwhile over at the Guardian some good news, as Cancer Research UK claims that cancer death rates in the UK are down by more than a fifth since the 1990s. The charity said: ‘As these new figures show, mortality rates from this much-feared disease are dropping significantly as the fruits of research are producing more effective treatments with fewer side effects. But while we’re heading in the right direction, too many lives are still being lost to the disease.’

And lastly, NHS England was in the hot seat again as MPs asked yesterday why they have re-hired 17% of the people they paid redundancy pay to in the NHS reorganisation, as the Daily Mail reports. Oh dear.