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Astrology to save NHS, a pill to fight HIV and fears for ‘three-parent’ babies

Tory MP David Tredinnick makes the headlines today, including the Mirror’s splash. The long-time champion of alternative medicine has repeated his claims that doctors could save a lot of time by turning to astrology. Last year Mr Tredinnick told Pulse that, for example, as a capricorn he himself was prone to knee problems.

The Guardian’s front page has some further good health news, as scientists hail a new pill to prevent HIV. The pill, named Truvada, could be taken daily by people at the highest risk of HIV infection, it is believed, with the NHS now set to examine whether it is cost effective and should be recommended.

The Telegraph meanwhile reports on the House of Lords’ vote yesterday to approve ‘three-parent babies’. The paper says this comes ‘despite fears they could be born sterile’.


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