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‘Unhealthy’ cookery shows should be shown after the watershed and the 30-minute procedure to reduce blood pressure

The Independent reports how TV chefs’ recipes are often less healthy than own-brand ready meals.

Research on the BMJ website found that many chefs’ recipes had more fat, saturated fat, energy and protein per potion, while also having less fibre, than ready meals.

The study compared 100 randomly chosen recipes from Amazon’s top five TV chef recipe books, including ones from Jamie and Nigella, with 100 store-brand ready meals from Tesco, Sainsbury’s, and Asda.

The TV chef recipes were often found to be unhealthier than the ready meals. However, none of the 200 meals studied contained all the nutritional recommendations by the WHO.

Every year £2.5 billion is spent on ready meals in the UK, while TV chefs are believed to be very influential on people’s diets.

The authors of the study have suggested that TV chefs who create unhealthy meals should be shown after the 9pm watershed.

Finally the Daily Mail reveals a new, quick, and minimally invasive procedure to reduce high blood pressure.

The research team in Australia used radio waves to burn away nerve tissue around the kidneys that may be overactive in patients with hyper tension.

The procedure, known as catheter-based renal denervation, took 30 minutes and could mean the end of using pills to normalise blood pressure levels.

Study leader Professor Murray Esler, from the Baker IDI Heart and Diabetes Institute in Melbourne, Australia, said: ‘Studies will soon determine whether this procedure can cure mild hypertension, producing permanent drug-free normalisation of blood pressure.’

A probe is passed through the femoral artery which fires short bursts of radio waves to destroy nerves around the kidney.

The research was reported in Circulation and showed that after six months 83% of patients had reduced systolic blood pressure by at least 10mm of mercury. After a year 79% of the group maintained such reductions.