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Ebola ‘may already have reached Britain’, UKIP wants to bar people with HIV and the cure for diabetes at last

Health news dominates the newspaper front pages today, with most choosing to report Britain’s decision to begin screening passengers arriving from countries affected by the ebola outbreak at airports.

But according to The Daily Mail the screenings amount to ‘little more than a questionnaire’ and The Telegraph reports that the virus ‘may already have reached Britain’ as a British businessman dies of ebola in Macedonia.

UKIP leader Nigel Farage is worried about a different virus however, with The Guardian quoting him as saying ‘HIV-positive migrants’ should be kept out of the country.

But the biggest news, perhaps, if the headline is to be believed, is found on the front page of The Times, which proclaims: ‘Diabetes: A cure at last’. According to Harvard researchers the non-insulin treatment being developed involves a ‘one-off transplant of laboratory-grown pancreatic cells’.


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