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NSAIDs raise erectile dysfunction risk by 40%

By Lilian Anekwe

Regular use of NSAIDs is associated with erectile dysfunction, according to the results of a prospective cohort study by US researchers.

Researchers enrolled more than 80,000 men from the Kaiser Permanente research centre in California who were aged between 45 and 69 in 2002. Each was given a questionnaire to diagnose erectile dysfunction, and researchers gathered information on NSAID exposure from prescription data and self-reported use.

After adjusting for potentially confounding variables there was a positive association between NSAID use and erectile dysfunction, with regular use increasing the likelihood of the condition by 38% compared to non-users.

Dr Steven Jacobsen, an epidemiologist and director of research for Kaiser Permanente Southern California in San Diego, said NSAIDs have ‘many proven benefits', but concluded: ‘People shouldn't stop taking them based on this observational study. However, if a man is taking this class of drugs and has erectile dysfunction it's worth a discussion with his doctor.'

J Urology, online February 21

NSAIDs raise erectile dysfunction risk by 40%


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