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NICE: Regular lifestyle advice for overweight adults should be in QOF

NICE has proposed that GP practices are incentivised to give ’appropriate weight management advice’ to all overweight patients every five years.

The proposed indicators will see QOF points awarded for practices that record BMIs every five years in all adults – and to give weight management advice in those recorded as overweight within 90 days.

The move, launched for consultation today, is part of a raft of new recommendations for QOF from NICE experts.

They include two on previously mooted annual reviews of anticoagulation therapy in patients with atrial fibrillation and a tightening of glucose targets for patients with diabetes.

NICE has also published a new list of performance indicators that it has developed for ‘quality improvement’. These include practices monitored for doing yearly pulse checks in patients at risk of atrial fibrillation.

But the GPC said that general practice was ‘full’ and should not be asked to take on any new QOF work.

Dr Andrew Green said: ’The GPC will comment on the individual indicators in due course, but our overriding view is that general practice in England and Wales is in such a state of emergency it would be inappropriate to introduce any new QOF indicators.’


What new indicators is NICE proposing for the QOF?


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