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Covid antibody test results to be automatically added to GP record


Patients’ Covid-19 antibody test results are now being added directly to their GP record, NHS Digital has announced.

As of yesterday (23 September) results automatically appear in individual patient GP records as ‘positive’, ‘negative’, or ‘unknown’.

GPs will not need to act on the information, NHS Digital said.

Scientists have yet to determine for how long antibodies are protective against reinfection with Covid-19, but have established that they do wear off.

It follows on from near real-time updates of GP systems with patient Covid-19 test results being put in place in England in July.

The Welsh Government has previously announced that a system to update GP systems of Covid-19 test results would be rolled out this month.

It comes as GPs were advised to consider reporting patients who will not self-isolate with Covid-19 to local authorities’ health protection teams.

An advisory notice from Lincolnshire LMC to members said GPs should ‘weigh up’ the risks if a patient ‘advises that they will not self-isolate, or you suspect that they will not’.

Meanwhile, GPs could be delivering a Covid-19 vaccine programme before next summer, as Government experts set out their first time-frame for ‘promising’ late-stage trials earlier this week.


Richard Mitchell 24 September, 2020 2:44 pm

And they will be told to call us for results….