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GPs to access Covid vaccination helpline

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GPs will soon be able to access a helpline for support delivering the Covid vaccine programme, NHS England has announced.

NHS England is currently setting up the dedicated ‘Vaccination Service Helpdesk’, and GPs will be able to receive telephone and email advice between 6am and 10pm daily, including bank holidays.

NHS England said last night (7 December) that it will share further details about the helpline soon.

It comes as the final details of the significant vaccination programme have been revealed.

The letter also said that a GP will have to be on site at all times whenever vaccinations are taking place at the primary care sites.

It also stated that the patient group directions will be released in time for the start of the vaccination programme, following fears it wouldn’t be ready.

The letter says that if GPs find that their questions are going unanswered by CCGs, they should contact

Throughout the pandemic, GPs have already been able to access helplines, including for access to PPE and the clinical assessment service (CCAS), although a number of problems were identified with these.

The first approved Covid vaccinations in the world were delivered today (8 December) at a number of UK hospitals, with primary care network designated sites set to begin operation as early as next week (14 December).


David jenkins 8 December, 2020 11:57 am

NHS England is currently setting up the dedicated ‘Vaccination Service Helpdesk’

and who is going to staff it ?

if it is clinical staff, they should get off their collective arses and be out there giving jabs.

if it is not clinical staff, presumably it will be some of the jobsworths that NHSE seem to employ to tell us how to do our jobs !

either way – not very useful.

luckily (for me) i am isolating, and until NHSE (or the welsh equivalent) stick two doses of covid vaccine in my arm i shall not be voluntarily putting myself or my family at risk, and another GP withover 40 years experience will not be available.

Patrufini Duffy 8 December, 2020 6:24 pm

Just put the number in the Daily Mail and after Eastenders. Unless you don’t want to face the public really NHSE?