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CQC survival guide part 2: ensuring your services are caring (1 CPD hour)


This module offers advice on showing CQC inspectors that your practice is caring, including:

  • What evidence to present
  • How to prepare for the inspection
  • What training your employees need to have undertaken

After reading these articles you will be asked to record your learning points and some action points to earn a suggested 1 CPD credit. Below are some suggested questions to reflect on as you work through the module: 

  • Do you have a dedicated side-room to provide confidential and compassionate communication with the distressed patient or relative? Should the reception staff have a training session on managing these scenarios?
  • Do you have a systematic way or recording that someone is a carer? Is there information on your website/practice leaflet specifically aimed at carers? Do you have a ‘carers lead’?
  • Does the practice induction for new staff cover the Data Protection Act, the Mental Capacity Act and safeguarding?
  • Do you have ready access to the minutes of MDT meetings about particularly vulnerable patients?
  • How do you communicate news of a death within the practice? Is this done rapidly and effectively? Are relevant records (for example, spouse) systematically updated?
  • Are interpreting/translation services available for patients when necessary? Do you know how to access these?
  • Do you have access to patient feedback (such as surveys, audits, PPG minutes, FFT)?
  • Can you provide examples of action taken as a result of complaints within the last year or so?