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GP rapper makes hip-hop video on how to pass the CSA exam

A south London GP has made an rap song with advice for aspiring GPs trying to pass the CSA exam.

Dr Chima Anya’s rap, set to Vanilla Ice’s 1990 hit ‘Ice Ice Baby’, advises graduates they should remember to ensure they ‘get the patient’s ideas, concerns and expectations – ice, ice baby’.

It comes as the CSA has been the subject of a recent court case over its fairness to overseas medical students which concluded earlier this month.

Another tip for GP aspirants to ensure success in the test is to never rule out the obvious concerns.

Dr Anya advises: ‘For example they may think that their verruca is cancer.’

He also highlights the importance of ‘using open questions in the first minute’ of the exam.

Dr Anya raps: ‘Before I start to hear about your central crushing chest pain, tell me your ideas and what you were expecting. ”Heart attack!” Well I think you might be right, but what are your concerns? “I’m concerned I’m gonna die!”’

The rapper, who goes under the name ‘The Doctor’ is also a GP in Elephant and Castle, London. In 2013, he made the list of Pulse’s five inspirational GPs 2013 after releasing the You Tube hit ‘Can’t Touch This – Hunt Resign’, based on MC Hammer’s 1990 hit ‘U Can’t Touch This’, about the health seceretary’s comments on GP out-of-hours access.