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GP registrars more satisfied than specialist trainees

GP registrars are the most satisfied of all doctors in training and are more satisfied than in 2013, according to the GMC’s national training survey.  

The survey of 53,000 UK doctors shows the overall satisfaction score for those training in general practice was 88.6% – a 0.7% increase compared to 2013.

To measure satisfaction, the survey asked doctors in training about various aspects of their post including how they rate the quality of teaching, experience and supervision, how useful the post will be for their future career, and whether they would recommend the post to a friend.

In October, deaneries and Local Education and Training Boards will report back to the GMC on how they plan to address the concerns identified in the survey.

The report states: ‘The survey shows doctors training in general practice posts are the most satisfied. However, doctors training to be GPs give lower scores when training in other specialty posts.’

GMC chief executive Niall Dickson added: ‘This is a good report reflecting the high standard of postgraduate training throughout the UK. But there are some pockets of inadequate practice where we do want to see improvements.’

‘We have reviewed those with three years of poor results and we are working with the relevant local agencies, including NHS organisations, to make sure action is taken. We will expect to see better results from them in next year’s survey.’