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‘Appetite remains for PBC’

GPs still have a strong appetite for PBC despite the mechanisms hampering progress in some areas, according to a leading expert on PBC.

Speaking at a commissioning round-table meeting, hosted by centre-right think tank 2020health, Dr Shane Gordon warned against throwing away the brand of PBC and replacing it with another name.

He told Practical Commissioning: ‘PBC has worked in some areas and there are a lot of GPs who have an appetite for the aims of PBC.

‘It is the mechanisms that are hampering them. You don't need to change the words, you need to change the action.

‘It's a typical NHS thing to say "it's clearly not working, let's change the name" and GPs hate it when they get another piece of jargon.'

Delegates at the roundtable meeting with Stephen Dorrell, former health secretary and new health select committee chair, were agreed that real budgets were coming – despite the actual term not being included in the recent coalition health document.