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Calling all inventors

Our GP commissioner at the coalface finds an outlet for his inventive healthcare solutions

Us commissioning GPs are supposed to be an innovative and inventive bunch.

We get exposed to many problems and so find ourselves thinking of solutions.

And in NHS in Yorkshire and Humber we have an allegiance with a body called Medipex which exists to help you bring your health and social care invention to life. Several months ago I sent in a few suggestions.

My first attempt was a device to reduce hip fractures. I was aware padded knickers had been tried, but there were numerous objections, not least that old ladies were not keen on looking like they had Nazi jodhpurs on. Besides, having to get through doorways sideways like a crab is inconvenient. Ah ha , I thought what about hip airbags? I know, the thought of ballistic bloomers sounds a bit fanciful but it could work. There would of cause be difficulties. We would have to product test to avoid spontaneous activation; a domino effect in the bingo queue would be disastrous. Likewise, the degree of thrust would have to be carefully titrated and matched to body mass. We don’t want poor falling Elsie to be zimmered to the chandelier after a fall.

My hopes were to be dashed however. Turns out research is already fairly advanced on this product in Japan. Damn it.

What next ?

Email braille utilising a pin matrix receiving touch plate. Again, similar things been done.

Eventually I came up with something that had some mileage. An IT device to facilitate independence, daily necessities and medical care for those less mobile at home – the Henderson Home Hub. At present it is a little hush- hush, having to sign confidentiality agreements to not risk jeopardising intellectual property rights.

Myself, Medipex and PCT are due to meet next week to see how we can develop this and drive it forward. Next month we meet with Assura to see if they wish to work commercially with us. Exciting really. Watch this space.

I hope other regions have similar things on the burner.

Dr Clive Henderson