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CCGs defer authorisation applications

A clutch of CCGs have deferred their applications for authorisation after failing to meet the September deadline.

Three CCGs were unable to meet the 3 September deadline for the second wave of applicants and have been granted permission from the NHS Commissioning Board to defer. As a result, NHS Bolton CCG and NHS Hillingdon CCG will now go through in the third wave of authorisation, while NHS Stafford and Surrounds CCG will go into the fourth wave.

In addition, two CCGs from the third wave, NHS Mid Essex and NHS West Norfolk, requested to be moved to the fourth wave.

The 67 CCGs that did meet the deadline in the second wave will find out in December if their applications have been successful.

All of the 35 CCGs selected for first-wave authorisation met the July deadline for submitting their applications. The NHS Commissioning Board will decide next month which will be authorised.

A spokesperson for the NHS Commissioning Board said: ‘A small number of CCGs requested a change to a different authorisation wave, in line with their own operational plans. Changes like these were expected, and the NHS Commissioning Board was pleased to support them, as the separation of CCGs into waves is simply to help the board break down the large administrative task of fully assessing and supporting 212 proposed CCGs through the authorisation process before April 2013.

‘We are working closely with all CCGs to guide and support their establishment. CCGs and the NHS Commissioning Board share a common goal of creating a patient-focused, clinically-led and sustainable commissioning system, with flexibility to respond to local needs.’