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Commissioning encounter: Dr Clive Henderson

PBC lead of Goole, Howden and West Wolds locality commissioning group.

My first reaction when I read the white paper was I bet the PCT staff use it instead of Andrex.

The biggest question colleagues ask me about the white paper is where is the money to pay commissioner GPs and where are the GPs to backfill.

I became chair of my consortium because – we don't really have a consortium yet, in the Lansley sense of the word, and elections are being held in three weeks. The current chair is a dentist who unfortunately needs extracting, not a proper doctor you see...

If I wasn't involved in GP commissioning I would have more time to moan about what a cushy job it must be.

The most exciting thing about the future for GP commissioners is having the remit to do a proper job on a population basis.

The most worrying thing about the future for GP commissioners is the Daily Mail.

The worst piece of NHS jargon I've come across is PIS standing for Prescribing Incentive Scheme; ill advised.

The most useful website I use is you told me to say Practical Commissioning. Kidding, but it is good –

If I could say one thing to Andrew Lansley it would be invest to save. GPs cost 9% of total PCT spend. PCT management in our area 1.8%. Help GPs divert money from the 52% secondary care and 14% prescribing spend. They need proper management support to effect this.

In five years' time GP commissioning will be feted as a success, if properly resourced. As long as we let ‘patient groups' orchestrate the rationing decisions.

In five years' time I will be a Virgin employee, if I am not careful.

Dr Clive Henderson