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Commissioning Plan Document

Practical Commissioning's Jargon Buster explains the meaning of the term 'Commissioning Plan Document'.

Known by a variety of names in different PCTs, such as the local operating plan, this sets out the commissioning intentions of the PCT.

The CPD should be an investment plan, outlining how the PCT's overall vision is to be met, what the needs of local patients are, the desired outcomes, how they will be measured and how patients and the public have been involved. PBC groups should be involved in drawing up these documents – Department of Health guidance states ‘PBC plans should form the basis of overall PCT commissioning plans, and the plans should be included in the annual PCT prospectus'.

PBC groups should develop their own plans, showing they reflect the PCT vision and detailed intentions, as well as meeting local objectives such as the Local Area Agreement drawn up by the PCT and council. They should also address risk management and allow for a contingency.