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Dixon warning over commissioning structure

The Government must avoid disengaging CCG leaders with a top-heavy structure and let clinical commissioning ‘unfold organically’ the chair of the NHS Alliance has said.

Speaking at a Westminster Health Forum session on the Health and Social Care Act, Dr Michael Dixon, who is also interim president of NHS Clinical Commissioners, also called for GPs to get involved in clinical commissioning or they will be ‘subservient’ in the service going forward.

Dr Dixon insisted GPs and politicians can make clinical commissioning work by not repeating the same mistakes as in the past.

But he warned the Government that they must not disengage GPs from commissioning by making the structure unhelpful, ‘because if the frontline conditions return to how they were before then we have lost the plot’.

He said: ‘For me, the way the DH and the Commissioning Board are setting things up, seems a bit like saying to David Cameron and Clegg that yes you can come to Government but Gordon Brown will come in and tell you the rules, and then he is going to continually assess you on what you’re doing and come in and take over government. Do you ever create a revolutionary change in that way?’