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Dr David Rooke

Chair of WyvernHealth.Com, winner of the Vision Awards 2010, ‘Most advanced primary care clinical commissioning group’.

I became chair of my consortium because I hoped I could add some value and was daft enough to put myself forward.

My first reaction when I read the white paper was there’s a lot it doesn’t say.

The biggest question colleagues ask me about the white paper is how will it affect primary care as we know it?

If I wasn’t involved in GP commissioning I would have more time to dabble in something else.

Our consortium’s greatest achievement to date is earning respect and autonomy, the pinnacle being the Vision award winner for most advanced commissioning group!

The most exciting thing about the future for GP commissioners is our ability to create our destiny – one suited to quality care especially primary care.

The most worrying thing about the future for GP commissioners is consortia inheriting vast historical debt and being doomed to failure.

The worst piece of NHS jargon I’ve come across is Transforming Community Services – largely this means risking lack of engagement with QIPP and disengagement between primary care and the new hosts for community services – unless we can crack the social enterprise model.

The most useful website I use is

If I could say one thing to Andrew Lansley it would be can we please talk and share our ideas, fears and aspirations

In five years’ time GP commissioning will be a complete new world for member practices. I can predict many will be saying ‘if only we could go back to the good old days of PBC’.

In five years’ time I will be proud, contented and above all retired. Bring on the safaris and sun loungers.

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Dr David Rooke