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Getting to grips with data (1 CPD hour)

Take a Practical Commissioning CPD module on data, worth a suggested 1 credit.

Read the following features on data and reflect on the questions listed below:

1/ Data – and how to get what you need – Practical Commissioning, September 2010

2/ Digging for data: how to get started – Practical Commissioning, May 2009

3/ A helping hand for PBC data – Practical Commissioning, February 2009

4/ Seven steps for successful data mining – Practical Commissioning, September 2008

Questions to reflect on:

1/ What sources of data do local GP commissioning groups use?

2/ How good is the quality of local data?

3/ How has data been used locally to successfully redesign a service?

4/ Who is the expert on data at the PCT?

5/ Does the local GP commissioning group have a data expert in-house?

Now record your general learning points about data in commissioning, based on what you have read, and complete the action points you will take to further enhance your knowledge before downloading your certificate

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Suggested action points – you may delete and substitute with your own if you prefer

1/ Establish what sources of data are available and which ones are popular with local GP commissioning groups
2/ Establish who the local data experts are
3/ Speak to a GP commissioning chair or PCT manager about how data has helped better commission a service for patients

Data This module is worth a suggested 1 CPD hour