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How Payment by Results works (1 CPD hour)

Take a Practical Commissioning CPD module on how Payment by Results has evolved and where it is going, worth a suggested 1 credit.

Read the following features on PbR and reflect on the questions below:

1/ Where next for Payment by Results? – Practical Commissioning, November 2010

2/ Beat gaming by acute trusts – Practical Commissioning, July 2007

3/ Top tips for PBC in the credit crunch – Practical Commissioning, September 2009

4/ Unbundling tariffs: All you need to know – Practical Commissioning, May 2008

Questions to reflect on

1/ Why was PbR introduced?

2/ If the tariff is allowed to be locally negotiated in the future what consequences – both positive and negative – might this have?

3/ How can commissioners challenge acute trusts about coding errors?

Now record your general learning points about Payment by Results and how it relates to GP commissioning based on what you have read to download your certificate.

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Suggested action points – you may delete and substitute with your own if you prefer

1/ Read copy of A simple guide to Payment by Results, Department of Health website, 30/09/2010

2/ Find out what error margin is for coding locally and how this has, or hasn’t, been addressed?

3/ Discuss with peers how your practice could set up its own monitoring of what services it ‘buys’ from the acute trust and what it is charged for? Discuss with the consortium whether such a function will be necessary or done by the consortium on the practice’s behalf.

4/ If not already familiar with the HRG codes, have a look at them to see how patient services are put ‘on the menu’ and priced.